If your designer has mastered the look, surely you don’t want to miss out on the feel.
You need a professional developer with a good sense in design.
One who doesn’t scorn the use of CSS and no pixel is too small for him.

I live CSS3, love UI and breathe Perfect Pixel.
I’m always in pursuit after the next responsive site or web application that will feel exactly as it looks, no slip ups, no cutting corners.
On your desktop, tablet and mobile.
Because UI is not just how it looks, its about how it feels.

Your next site will be built with SCSS architecture, you will receive a transparent light weight code both reusable and manageable.
plus I can always throw in a style guide like Pattern-Lab.
So just letting you know I’m free to take on a new project on an hourly, part time or full time job.
In addition i’m willing to specialize in JavaScript Frameworks both client&server side.

Asher Indursky +972-54-8431684

Asher indursky
Photo by Luke Brossette at Ravtech for Boat-Mag

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